Pediatric Surgery and Urology Center| Swara Hospital Jalgaon

Reconstructive Pediatric Urology

The Reconstructive Pediatric Urology Program handles complicated congenital anomalies related to the kidney, bladder or genitalia.

The conditions we treat include:
Bladder exstrophy
Cloacal anomalies
Urogenital sinus
Vaginal anomalies
Neurogenic bladder
Ambiguous genitalia
Prune belly syndrome
Complex congenital anomalies of the kidney, bladder and genitalia

The program performs special procedures including:
Bladder augmentation
Bladder neck reconstruction
Bladder neck sling
Urogenital sinus mobilization
Complex genital surgery
Vaginal reconstruction and replacement surgery
Artificial urinary sphincter
Mitrofanoff procedure
MACE procedure

Robotic-assisted bladder reconstruction
In our multidisciplinary program, surgeons from the nationally-ranked Division of Urology collaborate with experts from pediatric surgery and plastic surgery to meet the specific needs of certain cases.
Readiness of the patient and family is a priority in our program. Consultation with Child Psychology is also available through our program as needed.